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ACPI Conference

regular conference

1st ACPI Regular Conference
Policies for Asian churches, Reformed theology answers.

- Date: September 16, 2023 (Sat)    l  10:00 am to 3:15 pm

- Venue: Seodaemun Church Main Worship Room  (16 Tongil-ro 8-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul/ Tel. 02-360-8917)

- Deadline for submission of presentation papers: August 31

- Deadline for submission of comments: September 4

- Submission address:

Registration (9:50-10:00)

Worship (10:00-10:30)

society  ㅣ Pastor Jang Bong-saeng (CEO of Asia Church Policy Institute)

prayer  ㅣ  Elder Younghwan Kim (Secretary of Session, Seodaemun Church)

sermon  ㅣ  Pastor Sungkyu Park (President of Chongshin University)

                Acts 15:11 "A church that answers the questions of the age"

congratulations  ㅣ  Pastor Bongsoo Kim (Chairperson of the Future Together Committee)

                Elder Chae-Hyeok Jung (President of the National Federation of Presbyterians)

Axial   ㅣ  Pastor Suhwan Han (Seoyeong Church)

Session 1 (10:30-12:00)

10:30-10:40  ㅣ  Keynote Speech  ㅣ Pastor Jang Bong-saeng (CEO of Asia Church Policy Institute)

Reformed Theological Perspective

10:40-11:10  ㅣ      announcement      ㅣ  Professor Ahn In-seop

                                                 "Asia Church from the Reformed Theology of the Kingdom of God"

11:10-11:20  ㅣ      comment      ㅣ  Professor Kang Dae-Hoon (Chongshin University Shindaewon)

The perspective of the pastoral field

11:20-11:50  ㅣ      announcement      ㅣ Pastor Poongin Lee (Gaepo Donggyo)episode)

                                                 "Pastoral coffinThe Church of Asia from a Point of View"

11:50-12:00  ㅣ      comment      tooth  Pastor Myeongho Chung (Hyeseong Church)

Lunch (12:00-13:00)

Session 2 (13:00-15:00)

mission theological perspective

13:00-13:30  ㅣ      announcement      ㅣ  Professor Bae Chun-seop

                                                 "Biblical Consideration and Application of Migration for Asian Missions"

13:30-13:40  ㅣ      comment      ㅣ  Professor Jinho Park (Chongshin University Graduate School)

Practical Theological Perspective

13:40-14:10  ㅣ      announcement      ㅣ  Professor Joo Jong-Hoon (Chongshin University Graduate School)

                                                 "Community and Relations: Reformed Foundation and Practice Direction of Pastoral Ministry for Asian Churches"

14:10-14:20  ㅣ      comment      ㅣ  Professor Kim Dae-hyuk (Chongshin University Shin Dae-won)


Perspective of the public realm

14:20-14:50  ㅣ      announcement      ㅣ  Professor Kim Min-seok (Korean Institute of Public Theology/ Church of Joy)

                                                 "The Role of Asian Christianity in the Public Sphere"

13:30-13:40  ㅣ      comment      ㅣ  Dr. Eundeuk Kim (Calvin Theological Seminary, USA)

Panel Discussion (15:00-15:15)

* This conference is operated with voluntary sponsorship without prior application or separate registration fee.
* Lunch is also provided, so we look forward to the participation of many of you who wish for the revival of the Asian church. 


더가족 문화사   스트레치피트   신세계FC   아르모   엠오 바이오    이성일 치과  이삭토스트(서울경기대점)   주영산업   제이콥스 건설주식회사   정우사   
클라우드인   하람건설   한길 회계 법인   한사랑여행   현대퍼니처   
전국장로회연합회   서울서북지역 장로회연합회   서울서북지역 남전도회연합회
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